Desserts haven’t always been considered the best food to eat especially when you’re on a diet or just trying to keep yourself healthy.  Chocolate cake, in particular, is one type of dessert that has gathered an incredibly bad reputation of being one of the unhealthiest foods you could ever eat. While there is some truth to that, it’s still worth wondering whether a chocolate cake is really that bad or does it still have more health benefits to offer that we just don’t know yet.

Well, just in case the last sentence got you wondering, the answer is yes, eating chocolate cakes also has its benefits.  A study conducted at the University of New York with over 900 participants showed that there are a couple of great benefits to eating chocolate cakes.

Here are some of them: 

It Can Help You Lose Weight

Yes, you read that right, eating a piece of chocolate cake for breakfast can help reduce your waistline. How? It’s because chocolate can give you the energy you need to do your duties, therefore diminishing the urge to eat other types of food to feel energized enough.

Wondering how chocolates can help you work more efficiently? Well, it’s because chocolates are rich in flavonoids which are energy-giving nutrients commonly found on plant-based food such as cacao beans. Of course, it’s still worth noting that this may still vary depending on the body’s ability to process food early in the morning and also the brain’s need for energy.

The study showed that people who ate a slice of chocolate cake experienced the best results.

It Can Help Improve Your Memory

It’s no secret that chocolates can help you retain a good memory. But have you ever thought of why it’s good for the brain? Well, then you should know that chocolates have plenty of flavanols – a form of flavonoids – that can improve brain function.

Flavanols promote better brain blood flow, improved nerve function, and steadier oxygen levels. It also means that chocolates – especially dark and stronger ones – are good to eat if you want to keep your brain healthy.

It Can Make You Feel Good

Eating a slice of chocolate cake makes you feel better, right? Well, it’s because chocolate is packed with 2-phenylethylamine, a molecule that can enhance your mood. In addition to that, it also promotes the increase of endorphins which are chemicals that can help reduce your pain and stress level.

It Helps Protect the Skin

Aside from helping you have a great memory, the flavanols found in dark chocolate can also give your skin protection against the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Not only that but it can also reduce your wrinkles, prevent aging, and make your skin more moisturized. 

Dark chocolate is also rich in vitamins A, B1, C, D, and E along with iron and calcium. All of these nutrients can help nourish your skin, leaving you looking younger and more glowing.

It Helps Lower Your LDL

Another helpful benefit of eating chocolate whether in bar or cake form is that it can reduce your Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL) also known as the ‘bad cholesterol’ and increase your High-Density Lipoprotein (HDL) which are called the ‘good cholesterol’.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should include in every meal. It should only serve as an accompaniment to proper medication and exercise.

Other benefits of eating chocolate cake

  • Better blood circulation
  • Lower stress levels for pregnant women
  • Helps prevent stroke
  • Lower risk of heart disease
  • May help reduce the risk of acquiring cancer

These are just some of the many benefits of eating chocolate cake. Surprising, isn’t it? How something so sinfully good and perceived to be bad has a lot of health benefits? Now that you know the good things that chocolate cake can bring, why not bake one for yourself or your loved ones? Check out our amazing baking products at BakersLove.  

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