Aside from piping bags, frosting nozzles are another baking tool that you must have to beautifully decorate the food you just baked. Piping tips are commonly made from plastic, stainless steel, and nickel-plated steel materials. They also have different types. In fact, frosting nozzle types are grouped either by their size, design or based on what they can be used for. To give you an idea of what these groups are, we made a list of some of the different types of frosting nozzles you can use for cake decoration.

  • Plain Piping Tips – This is the most basic one out of all the frosting nozzles types. It is perfect for outlining details, connecting lines, making dots, and filling centers of flowers.
  • Flower Piping Tips – Frosting nozzles of this type are used to make flowers such as roses. They can also be utilized to make those textured cake borders and other details on the cake.
  • Petal Piping Tips – If you need to make well-detailed flower petals then these piping tips should be your go-to. They are perfect for designing intricate petals, creating borders, and other cake decorations.
  • Basketweave Piping Tips – Next on our list of frosting nozzles types is a special one. Want to add some rosettes or stars to your baked treats? Then icing nozzles under the basketweave type are what you need to use. They will deliver the results you want.
  • Swirl Piping Tips – Frosting nozzles under this type are suitable to be used not just for making borders but also outlines for your other cake decorations.
  • Cake Icers – Icing nozzles that are of this type are used to swiftly apply frosting on the sides of the cake. They may come with a plan or with a design that can give your icing a textured look.
  • Bismark Piping Tips – These are perfect for filling out donuts, cannoli, cream puffs, and other similar pastries.
  • Drop Flower Piping Tips – Frosting nozzles under these piping tips types are suitable for making flowers that only require one squeeze. The nice thing about these icing tips of this kind is that they don’t always come plain, you can opt for the ones with design to give your cake the decoration you want to.
  • French Star Piping Tips – They are used for creating frosting that has stars, flowers, scallop, and shell designs. Like other icing nozzles, these are also great for putting frosting on top of your cupcakes.
  • Closed Star Piping Tips – Apart from being commonly used to put frosting on top of cakes, pies, and cupcakes, frosting nozzles of this kind are also the go-to for designing flowers, stars, and more.

These are just some of the different types of frosting nozzles that you should know about. Yes, there are more piping tip kinds out there to know about but the ones that we shared are likely what you’re going to use most often. Cool, right? Well, what if we tell you that we offer a set of frosting nozzles that includes just about every single type that we mentioned above? Presenting our Ultimate Frosting Nozzles Set. This item contains 45 frosting nozzles with different designs, a couple of couplers, a cleaning brush, and reusable piping bags, basically everything you need to apply and design the frosting you made for your baked treats.

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