2021 is here! And with the arrival of a new year comes a batch of fresh trends to watch out for. If you’re like us, always looking for something new in the baking world, then you’ve probably already spent the last few days wondering what would be the biggest baking trends of 2021. Lucky for you, we already compiled some of them right here. Listed below are some of the baking trends you should watch out for this 2021.

The Rise of Matcha and Other Asian Flavors

Matcha isn’t new – it’s literally been around for ages – but its popularity in the baking world is. If you’ve been keeping up with the trends of the baking scene over the last few years then you might have already seen the slow and steady rise of Matcha in baked desserts as proven by the countless number of recipes and features you’ll find on the web. And it seems like it won’t stop anytime soon as 2021 is predicted to be the year it reaches its peak along with other Asian flavors such as miso and black sesame.

Social Responsibility Becomes More Important

Times are changing, people are now keener to know where things come from – including those ingredients that can be found in the food they eat. So, if you sell your baked treats, now would be the perfect time to start taking a closer look at every ingredient you use. You need to know as much as possible such as their source material, the processes used to make them, and even the background of the company that sells them.

Being able to choose the ingredients that are proven to be made of high quality and follow all standard procedures accordingly is a great advantage as there’s a huge chance your customers will ask you questions about them.

Expect More ‘Classics’ with Fresh-Twists

Have you noticed a lot of baked desserts popping up on social media that give you nostalgic feels? Well, get ready because there will be more of those this year. From traditional chocolate cakes and scones to pies and actual bread, we can expect more of these classics to come back with new and exciting twists. Whether it be an additional ingredient or a different take at their presentation, the updated timeless baked desserts that we all love will surely take us back to the good ol’ days. And yes, a big reason why the comeback of the classic is a hit is that nostalgia sells.

Sheet Cakes Are Coming Back

Just to make it clear, sheet cakes didn’t disappear completely as some make them regularly. However, it is predicted that they will become impressively popular once again this year. Why is that? It’s because they are so easy to make that everyone can do the entire process at the comfort of their own homes, which is also a must now that the COVID pandemic is still raging on.

Keeping It Simple

Some of the biggest baking trends we’ve seen over the last couple of years revolved around innovative cooking techniques and recipes with unique ingredients. But since 2020 forced us to recalibrate our lives and appreciate all the little things, the baking world this 2021 is expected to do a 180-degree turn and go back to its simplest form, which is caring more about the ingredients than the method of cooking.

It’s all about diverting your focus towards the flavor and quality of the things that you are going to use rather than doing multiple complicated steps to come up with something that might not even work. And yes, if you’re wondering, the quality of the ingredients does affect the flavor of your food. So even if you bake something simple such as a loaf of banana bread or a classic chocolate cake but you used the finest ingredients to make them, then their taste will surely be 10x better.


These are just five of the many baking trends that you should watch out for this 2021. Keep in mind that we’re still at the beginning of the year so you will surely see more trends popping up in the coming months. But for now, what better way to start a new year than stock up on some of the trendiest baking products that you can use for your baking adventures? If you need useful tools to make your baking goals come true then head on over at BakersLove and shop not just the best cake decorating products but also read articles and recipes that will surely help increase your knowledge,