So, you finally baked a cake, amazing! Now, the more enjoyable yet equally challenging part begins – making your frosting. Similar to baking, making frosting for your cake can be quite tricky especially if you’re a newbie.  The process can be so challenging that the mistakes you are most likely going to make are enough for you to want to start pulling your hair out. Speaking of mistakes, one of the best ways to avoid them is if you know what they are. So, to help you out on this, we are going to share some of the most common mistakes to avoid when making cake frosting. And with that being said, here they are.


Using Your Hand Instead of a Mixer

This one should be pretty obvious but just in case you seriously thought about this – please don’t. Your hands aren’t as strong and as fast as an actual mixer so if you use a whisk to do the whole thing then chances are, you will just be wasting the ingredients AND end up with a muscle injury. You’d do better in investing in a sturdy yet user-friendly mixer for all of your mixing needs.

Making the Frosting in Advance

While having all of the components ready for whenever you want to assemble the cake is great, it is not recommended to do especially when it comes to frosting. Why? It’s because frosting has ingredients such as butter and sugar that can change a lot when left at a certain temperature for a short period.

Butter, for example, can soften when left at room temperature for a while and harden when set in a freezing condition. This alone can affect the consistency of your frosting so it’s important to bake your cake before making frosting so you can apply it as soon as possible.

Beating the Frosting Too Much

Another common mistake to avoid when making cake frosting is by mixing it too much. Why is that bad? It’s because when you overbeat the mixture, it can create too much air into the butter which can affect its ability to get properly incorporated into the sugar, resulting in a grainy texture that is not pleasant in the mouth.

Using Powdered Sugar Straight from the Bag

Yes, measuring your powdered sugar straight from the bag before putting it in your mixture is a lot easier. However, it is not recommended. Why? It’s because if you do that, you will not be able to sift your flour.  And sifting your flour is super important for not only does it helps reduce clumps but also creates more air, therefore, giving you a lighter and fluffier icing.

Adding Fresh Fruits Immediately

There are frosting recipes that will require you to add ingredients with a considerable amount of liquids in them such as fruits and that’s okay. But, it’s important to keep in mind that there are certain fruits like strawberries and cantaloupe that can make your frosting very watery if you add them too early. A quick pro-tip for that is to cover your fruits in powdered sugar before slowly folding them into your frosting mixture to reduce the amount of liquid that can come out from them.


These are just five of the many common mistakes you must avoid when making the frosting. Keep them in mind and it will surely be easier for you to make some delicious icing for your baked treats.

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