From the cooler weather and new fashion releases to the Halloween decorations and early holiday season feels, fall offers a lot of things to get excited about. But for food enthusiasts everywhere, fall also signals the return of one of the most popular flavors in the world – pumpkin spice. This flavor is so popular and perfect with fall’s more relaxed vibes that it has become a staple of the season. But here’s the thing, as great as pumpkin spice is, it’s not the only fall flavor that you’re going to love. There are other must-try fall flavors for cake, pudding, cookies, pies, entrees, and other baked goodies that you can use to create mouthwatering food throughout the season. And here are some of them.


The sweet and salty taste of caramel is a hallmark of some of the best fall desserts you could think of. Whether it be cookies, cake, candies, or even drinks, the distinct flavor of salted caramel perfectly complements the cool and cozy atmosphere brought by fall. Some autumn sweet treats you can make using salted caramel include cupcakes, ice cream, latte, and even a classic caramelized apple.


The next fall flavor you should try more often is hazelnut. Yes, hazelnut is available whole year round but its sweet and buttery taste makes it a perfect addition to hot chocolate and coffee aka two of the most popular drinks during fall. Not only that, but it also goes well with fall desserts and savory meals such as a Sausage and Sage Stuffing with Dried Cranberries And Toasted Hazelnuts and a Hazelnut Cake with Buttercre


Third on this list of must-try fall flavors for cupcakes, cakes, and other sweet baked treats is maple. Thanks to hints of caramel, floral honey, and vanilla, maple became an instant classic whether as a pancake syrup, coffee flavor, or as part of fall desserts. The maple flavor is also a very interesting one as it can help you feel the cozy vibes that fall is known for. Some maple-flavored desserts that you can bake using your Bakerslove’s products include blondies, cookies, and pie.

And besides, maple is already perfect for fall as it comes from arguably the first tree that will come to your mind when you think of the autumn season – that’s right, maple tree.


With the abundance of apple pies, apple crumble, caramelized apples, apple crisps, and other fall desserts with apples these days, it should be no surprise that this fruit is considered as a staple flavor of the season. But why is apple perfect for fall, you ask? Well, for starters, it’s sweet and refreshing taste makes it a great follow up to all the savory dishes that are being served during the season. Next, is apples are in growing season starting from August to around October which makes it a common fall produce aside from pumpkin.

You can bake some apple goodness by trying out some fall desserts recipes such as this classic Apple Pie and Old-Fashioned Apple Crisps. Use your BakersLove’s product to get the best results!


The last entry on this list of fall flavors for cakes, cookies, other desserts, and drinks is ginger. Although known for making savory dishes more flavorful, ginger can also be used to make some scrumptious autumn baked desserts such as ginger cake and gingersnaps aka the best cookie to eat while drinking hot tea. Some of the tastiest fall desserts that you can make with ginger include Gingerbread Blondies and Lemon Ginger Cheesecake Pie.


In the mood to bake fall desserts without pumpkin spice? Then try any of the flavors listed above to create something you’ve never done before. Who knows? Your baked fall-themed goodie might just be your next crowd-favorite.