If you're a baker then you'd know that decorating a cake is no easy feat. As it is still a part of baking, you need to have a lot of precision to get the results you want. But apart from that very crucial skill, you also must have the right set of instruments to make the most beautiful cakes of your life. No, we're not talking about your regular cake pans, cake board, or even cake leveler - we're talking about tools that can help you apply a layer of frosting, crumb coat, and even edible decorations to your naked cake layer.

Interested? Then we're not going to hold you off any longer. Read the following to know the four cake decorating products you always need to have. 

Disposable Piping Bags

So you've made a frosting out of heavy cream, powdered sugar, unsalted butter, vanilla extract, and other wet ingredients? Awesome. Now, where are you going to put it? Of course, you'll use piping bags. Disposable piping bags are a must-have because not only are they easy to use for applying a coat of frosting on your entire layer of cake but they are also perfect for when you have to deal with a large batch of icings that have different colors and kinds. Since this cake decorator tool is made out of plastic, it can be stored and carried easier than reusable frosting bags. 

Reusable Silicone Piping Bags 

If you've been reading a lot of cake baking tips or cake recipes from our site then you've probably noticed that we often mentioned our reusable icing bags, and it's because they're just that useful! Compared to the disposable piping bags, the reusable ones are made of either cloth or silicone. But we recommend getting the latter instead of the former as it is not just faster to clean but also easier to handle especially when you need to apply vanilla extract buttercream or heavy whipping cream frosting on an entire cake. 

Another thing to love about reusable piping bags is that they are eco-friendly because you can use them over and over again instead of just throwing them away after each session. Apart from that, if you buy a set, you will usually get the bags in different sizes so you can fit them on a variety of frosting nozzles and also the amount of icing for layer cakes you are going to use. Isn't that cool?

Frosting Nozzles

We already covered the plastic wrap and silicone bags that can hold your frosting for cake decoration. Now, we're going to talk about the tool that can give your icing a variety of aesthetically pleasing designs - a frosting nozzle.

Also known as piping tips, frosting nozzles are the small things you attach at the end of your icing bags. They are usually made of metal and have a variety of designs so you can give your cakes the look that you want. These are ideal to be used on a wedding cake, birthday cake, baby shower cookies, and other baked desserts for special occasions. 

What's great about frosting nozzles is that they are usually packaged in sets, you'll get various kinds with just one buy. Take BakersLove's Ultimate Frosting Nozzles Set, for example, this product contains 45 stainless steel piping tips with different designs, more than enough for you to decorate a single cake or even three dozen cupcakes. 

So why are frosting nozzles a must-have? For aesthetic purposes obviously. You don't want your frosted cake to look all flat and plain, right? And besides, using frosting nozzles is much better than just applying a couple of a dollop of frosting from your container onto your cake with the use of a rubber spatula and tearing a small hole at the corner of your icing bag so you squeeze the frosting out.

Cake Turntable 

After going over piping bags and frosting nozzles, the next tool that we're going to be talking about is the one where you need to decorate your cake - a turntable. A cake turntable is essentially the same as the regular turntable furniture that you know, the only differences are the size, the materials used to make it, and the non-stick capability that it should have. 

A cake turntable is important to have because it makes the whole decoration process a lot easier. Imagine, you no longer have to physically move around just to apply frosting on your cake, just use your hand to spin the table and you're good to go. Aside from that, there are also frosting designing techniques that will require the cake to move in a constant circular motion so a turntable will be a big help for that. 

A great cake turntable we found is this Cake Turntable Set from BakersLove. It consists of an alloy turntable, scrapers, and two types of a spatula so you can apply royal icing on your cake rounds with ease. 


These are the four cake decorating products you must always have. Each one of these tools can help you turn you from an amateur cake decorator into an absolute pro. Of course, you'll still need other baking equipment such as cake plates, cake pans, cake lifter, mixer, and more but the ones we shared with you are some of the most basic things you need to design the cakes of your dream. So, that's it, click on the links that we provided above so you can check out our product recommendations!