If you’ve been on Instagram. Pinterest, or even Facebook recently, then you’ve probably already noticed one of the biggest trends in the baking world right now – that’s right, multicolored frosting. Whether it be two-tone, three-tone, or a full-on rainbow, colorful frostings are definitely the “It” thing these days. But here’s the problem, despite its popularity and aesthetically pleasing appearance, a lot of people still don’t know how to make the multi-colored frosting. 

Are you one of them? Then you’ve come to the right place. Written below are three different yet easy-to-follow ways on how you can make multicolored frosting for your cupcakes. 

But before we get there, here are the things you need to prepare: 

  • Piping Bags – I prefer using BakersLove’s best-selling Silicone Piping Bags. Still, you can also use clear disposable ones if you want to. 
  • Plastic Wrap
  • Spoons 
  • Piping tips – You can choose whatever shape you want. But as for me, I used a star-shaped tip from the BakersLove’s 14-Piece Frosting Nozzle Set. 
  • Scissor
  • Frosting – I used buttercream 
  • Bowls – Use 1 for each colored frosting that you’re planning to make. 
  • Cupcakes of any flavor 
  • Food coloring/ flavoring



There are three different ways to pipe multi-colored frosting on cupcakes. First is the Double Bag, then the Plastic Wrap, and lastly, the Spoon/Spatula Striping. These methods are effective and will only take you minutes to accomplish. Read the following to know how you can do them. 



1. Double Bag

The Double Bag has got to be the standard way of doing double-color icing. Here’s how you can do it. 

  • First, place some buttercream into two separate bowls. 
  • Pour your chosen food colorings/flavorings into each bowl. Make sure that the colors are not the same. Then mix. 
  • With the use of a scissor, cut a small hole at the bottom of each smaller icing bag before fitting them into one 16” or 18” piping bag attached to a frosting tip. You can use other sizes as long as it’s big enough to fit two smaller frosting bags. 
  • Start filling each bag with your colored frosting. One color/flavor per bag. 
  • Check if the frosting-filled bags are aligned by squeezing and twisting the larger piping bag. Adjust if they’re not.  
  • Do a pipe test to see if the colors will come out evenly. 
  • Start frosting your cupcakes.


2. Plastic Wrap

This one is perfect if you’re planning to make a frosting with two or more colors – such as a rainbow icing. It’s also great if you don’t have a regular piping bag on hand. 

  • Place your plastic wrap on top of a flat surface. 
  • Divide your frosting into separate bowls (One color per bowl) and mix them with your chosen artificial food colorings. 
  • Time to assemble your piping bag. 
  • Scoop a few spoonfuls of one colored/flavored frosting and shape them into a line at the very center of the plastic wrapper. With the use of a different spoon, scoop from another colored/flavored frosting and arrange them parallel to the first line you made. Do it again for the next colored icings until you get all of them on the transparent plastic sheet. 
  • Slowly roll the plastic wrapper until you form a log of multi-colored frosting. 
  • Twist both ends of the plastic wrapper to secure the multicolored buttercream frosting inside. 
  • Insert the frosting in a pastry bag that is attached to a piping tip. 
  • Pop it in the fridge for at least 10 minutes before you start frosting your cupcakes. 
  • Pull the frosting log out of the fridge when you’re going to use it. Squeeze out a bit of frosting to see if the colors are even. 
  • Start frosting your cupcakes. 


3. Spatula/Spoon Striping

This method requires you to put the icing on various areas of the piping bag so you can get that one beautiful multiple-colored frosting. Read the following to know how you can achieve it. 

  • Get a piping bag fitted with a frosting tip and open it up using your fingers. This will make it easier for you to scrape off the spoon once you start applying the frosting. 
  • Take a spoonful of each of the colored icing you still have and apply them on different sections of your piping bag. Arrange your colored frostings, so they are all aligned with one another. This is going to help the colors come out evenly once you squeezed them through the frosting tip. 
  • Once the piping bag is filled with frosting, squeeze the bag slightly. This will ‘mix’ some of the colors but not to the point that their whole appearance will change. 
  • Do a test squeeze, and when you’re happy with the results, start frosting your cupcakes.


Note: The colors will likely vary depending on how you arranged your frosting. 




These are the three different ways you can pipe multi-colored frosting on your cakes, cupcakes, pies, and other baked treats. So, what are you waiting for? Try any of these three today and see which one works for you the best!