Silicone Piping Bag and Metal Frosting Tips



Whether you've been decorating cakes for a long time or not, you must be aware that there are two particular tools that you as a baker should always have if you want to be able to do it correctly - piping bags and piping tips. 

While it's convenient to use disposable piping bags and nozzles to decorate cakes, they're not as durable and eco-friendly as reusable piping bags and tips. So most often than not, you'll need to replace them faster. Whereas when dealing with reusable piping bags and nozzles, the only downside that you actually will have to deal with is cleaning them. Good news for you, cleaning your silicone bags and frosting tips isn't that hard especially when you know what to do. And to help you with that, we'll be sharing the right way of cleaning reusable silicone piping bags and tips.



Same as when using disposable piping bags, read the manufacturer's instructions first on how to use, clean, or dispose of your silicone piping bags and dirty icing tips before doing anything to them. You can achieve that by reading the packaging or checking the product description. This is also your chance to know if the cake decorating tools are made from food-grade material and are dishwasher safe or not. After that, you can proceed with the cleaning process. 


How To Clean Your Reusable Silicone Pastry Bags 

Yes, it is easy to just put your dirty icing bag and frosting tips in the dishwasher and call it a day. However, you must put into consideration that there are different types of piping bags materials out there so instead of making the dishwasher your go-to cleaning method, you should opt for handwashing instead. And to do that, you need to

  1. Get a bowl and fill it with running hot water. Then pour some dishwashing liquid and stir with a spoon until air bubbles start showing up. 
  2. Next, turn your reusable piping bags inside out to expose all the leftover royal icing inside and dump them in the bowl of hot and soapy water. Let it soak in the warm water for a couple of minutes or up until you see the frosting softens or when the water becomes the same as the colors of icing that were on the piping bag.
  3. After that, time to rinse the real piping bags. Get another bowl with a larger size and place all of your reusable icing bags in it. Turn the tap on, the cold water is fine, all the way up to where you can get the water pressure good enough to push all the caked-on frosting away from the bags.  
  4. Place your 12-inch piping bag, or no what size of piping bag do you have, under the flow of water and keep it there until all of the frostings get washed off. To make sure that your piping bag is totally clean, then you can rinse it again by putting it under the same flow of cold water. Alternatively, you can also put it in the dishwasher (if you're sure that it'll be safe) for a quick run. 


How to Clean Your Dirty Reusable Decorating Icing Tips

Cleaning your stainless steel tips is very similar to when you're washing your reusable icing bags. And of course, the first thing you need to do is to make sure that your piping nozzles are made from durable material so that they can withstand water pressure whether from the stand or dishwasher. After that, you can follow the instructions below. 

*for the big nozzles

  1. Get a basin and fill it with warm water straight from the tap. 
  2. Add some dishwashing liquid and stir with your fingers until you see bubbles coming up. 
  3. Next, get all of your dirty decorating tips and dump them in the basin. Allow them to soak in the warm and soapy water for a couple of minutes or until all of the caked-on frosting softens up or slides away from the tips. 
  4. Once all the icing has softened up, time to rinse your nozzles. Get another bowl or basin and place it under the tap with cold water. 
  5. Turn the tap on and adjust it until you get decent water pressure. And with a firm grip, hold your dirty reusable decorating tips under the running water. You should now see all of the caked-on frostings slowly slipping away. 
  6. Your decorating tips should already be good. But if you want to make sure that they are absolutely clean, then you may pop them in the dishwasher (given that they're applicable for heavy-duty use and are dishwasher-safe). Just make sure you put them in a container or a rack dishwasher-safe mesh bag to keep them from going to places they shouldn't be in while being cleaned. 

*for the small ones 

  1. Do all of the same steps above except you have to use a tiny brush that should also be flexible enough to reach even the smallest areas of your piping tips. Do this right after you soak them in the oven but before you place them in the dishwasher. This will remove all the built-up bits of frosting that have been stuck in the tiny spaces and gaps of your decorating nozzles. 


Final Words

This is an effective method of cleaning your reusable silicone piping bags and nozzles. Yes, it's that easy, and most importantly, it works. Now that we're done, you may now head to your kitchen and clean all of the decorating tools that you've been holding off for a long time.