If you’re updated with the trends of the baking world then you probably have already noticed the sudden rise of silicone bakeware in the market. From cupcake liners and cake molds to muffin trays and mats, a lot of the baking tools that we used today are getting their silicone counterparts. Now, have you ever wondered why silicone bakeware suddenly became popular? Well, it’s because they bring a lot of benefits to their owners. Speaking of those benefits, we listed some of the benefits of using silicone bakeware right below.

  1. They Are Long Lasting

Yes, silicone is lighter than the metal material used to make regular bakeware. However, it doesn’t mean that silicone is not sturdy. In fact, silicone won’t break or bend when you drop it on the floor. And unlike other materials used to make bakeware, its color won’t fade even after a long time.

  1. They Are Non-Stick

Another awesome benefit of using silicone bakeware is that since it has this amazing non-stick capability, you don’t need to grease or butter it at all. This will help you save time and make your baked food healthier as there will be lesser calories.

  1. It’s Easier to Turn Out Food

Silicone bakeware is flexible and non-stick, which means it will be easier for you to turn out your food if you cooked it in them. You can say goodbye to all of the times you got frustrated because your food got stuck on the sides or at the bottom. 

  1. They Don’t Absorb Odors

Have you ever noticed how some bakeware can retain the smell of food that was cooked in them despite being already cleaned? I know I did. With silicone bakeware, that won’t happen anymore. Why? It’s because unlike metal  bakeware, silicone ones are nonporous meaning they can’t absorb and retain food flavors.  Gone are the days of eating banana cakes that taste like meatloaf!

  1. Bakes the Food More Evenly

Compared to metal bakeware, those that are made out of silicone do a better job at browning and baking food more evenly. How is that? It’s because not only is silicone great at distributing heat, it also cools down faster than metal when taken out of the oven which is super helpful in preventing your food from getting overcooked by the remaining heat of the pan.

These are just five of the best benefits of using silicone bakeware. Now, are you looking to buy some high-quality silicone bakeware for your kitchen? Then check out BakersLove’s Piping Bags, Cake Pop Tray, Baking Mat, Non-Stick Baking Rug, and Bundt Pan.