Welcome to the '20s! Being in a new decade means there are tons of new things that we can look forward to, especially in the baking world. With the ever-changing demand of consumers, it's definitely interesting to see how the next years will influence everyone's baking journey. Speaking of baking trends, the first couple of months 2020 introduced us to some of the newest baking styles that gained a considerable amount of popularity quickly. If you already know what they are, that is perfect, but if not, don't worry because we're here to help you catch up. With that being said, here are the top baking trends of 2020 that you should know about. 


  • Turn Up the Entertainment 

- This one isn't exactly new, but bakers everywhere have surely done it this year, given the circumstances that we are all facing. Whether you have an established business or not, making the whole experience as entertaining as possible for your consumers is one of the best ways to keep yourself relevant. And one good way to do that is to follow the latest food trends such as money-pull, geode, and gender reveal cakes. Forming a fun and exciting environment can help you create a beautiful bond with your customers, which could then result in them purchasing your baked products repeatedly. 


  • Rise of the Fermented Flavors 

- One of the most significant changes in consumers' demand this year is that they are now gearing more towards food that can help them be healthy. This is where fermented flavors such as kefir, sourdough, and kimchi come in. If you've been scouring all corners of the web for baking inspirations in the past few days, then you probably already noticed the increasing number of recipes that include adding a fermented flavor into typical baked goods. Sounds weird, right? But believe it or not, it actually works most of the time! You can give this a try if you want to make something healthy yet unique at the same time. 


  • Mashup Madness 

- Combining two popular desserts into one ultimate baked treat is arguably one of the biggest baking trends of 2020. Some examples you may be familiar with are brookies (brownies + cookies), cronut (croissant + donut), chocolate chip cookie cakes, and cinnamon roll cookies. If you want to get on with this trend, then you can visit places that offer hybrid desserts or better yet, why not make them yourself? Do some experiments by combining desserts that you are well familiar with. Who knows? You might just come up with a dessert that will put your business on the map.


  • Superfoods to The Rescue 

- As mentioned earlier, consumers are now more aware of how their health is affected by the food they consume. So as a way to keep up with that change, bakers everywhere have started including superfoods in their products. From coconut and acai berries to chia seeds and cauliflower, all of these uber nutritious ingredients are now being incorporated into different baking products. You can give this trend a go by also giving your baked treats the superfoods treatment. Advertise them properly, and you might just give your business the boost it needs. 


  • Easy Bake Is OK 

- We at BakersLove believe that baking is a fun and stress-relieving activity. However, we also know that is not always the case for everyone. If you're one of those who love to bake but still get overwhelmed when it comes to doing big projects, don't worry anymore. Why? It's because going down the easy route is a 2020 baking trend that you can fully get behind on. From one-bowl recipes to 5-minute wonders where they use a pre-made cake mix, these things are now widely acceptable and popular as they allow those who aren't really into baking a chance to create something delectable. 


  • Customizable Treats 

- This has been going on for years now, but with today's advanced technology, it is still going strong in 2020. Nowadays, many pro bakers can make cakes and other baked goodies EXACTLY how the customer wants them to be. From printed pictures to cake forms of pets and favorite characters, these customized baked treats will draw people quicker than you can say ''personalized''. If you have the skills to do customized baked goodies, this might just be the perfect year for you to utilize them and make money. 


  • All Hail the Plants 

- In light of consumers looking for more ways to make their favorite baked desserts as guilt and allergy-free as possible, the demand for having plant-based protein alternatives has shot through the roof. Plant-based alternatives provide the necessary protein without giving you the fear of getting allergy or gaining unwanted fats. Some examples of these so-called plant-based proteins include tofu, peanuts, and almonds. Using these ingredients on your baked products can also benefit your business. You might be able to attract vegan customers into your bakery. 


These are just eight of the biggest baking trends of 2020 so far. We hope you learned something from this BakersLove's article and that you will be able to use it to take your 2020 baking experience to a whole new level.