Whether you’ve been a baker for a long time or just recently, you must already have an idea of how complicated baking is. Seriously, this is the type of cooking that requires a lot of knowledge, patience, and discipline to work. Luckily, some tips can be followed to not just make baking more fun but also take your skills to the next level. And if you want to know what they are then don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the easiest hacks to make baking more enjoyable.

  1. Out of brown sugar? Use molasses and white sugar instead! Why? It’s because they are essentially the same. Remove the molasses from brown sugar and you will end with a white one.
  2. Go all-in whenever you crack your egg because doing it timidly can create small broken shells that could pop your yolks.
  3. Wet your finger when you need to remove tiny eggshells from your whites/yolks. You’ll find that it will be easier to take the shells out as they will sort of be glued to your skin.
  4. Use a wine bottle to roll out your dough in case you don’t have a rolling pin. Just remove the label and wash it until all the sticky residues are removed.
  5. Want your baked treats to be fluffier? Then make sure you’re only using room-temperature eggs. Cold ones don’t always give the batter the rise it needs to achieve that soft and fluffy texture.
  6. Don’t have cupcake trays? Improvise instead. One cool thing you can use is the cover of a mason jar. If you have a couple then you can line them in your baking sheet to make it look like a muffin tray. Place your cupcake liner in each cover and then you can pour the batter after.
  7. Dip your cookie cutter in flour before using it to cut out different shapes off your dough. Why? It’s because flour can prevent the dough from sticking on to your cookie-cutter, therefore making it easier for you to cut through it.
  8. Soften your butter faster by inserting it in a zip lock bag and just smashing it with a rolling pin or any handy baking tool you can get a hold of. Once the butter is fully crushed, just scoop it out using a spatula and dump it straight into your mixture. It will be soft and perfect for baking.
  9. When you make a recipe that requires sprinkling a bit of salt at the top, try to put it at the bottom instead because that’s the part that will touch the mouth first. And since salt is known to make certain ingredients taste even better, the mouth will be greeted with an explosion of improved flavors starting from savory due to the salt to sweet thanks to the chocolate or other ingredients you may have used.
  10. Put a towel underneath your mixing bowl so it doesn’t move a lot whenever you use it with an electric hand mixer.
  11. Keep your cookies moist for a longer time by storing them in a container with an orange peel. The orange will absorb all the moisture inside the container, leaving your cookies dry and fresh.
  12. Before popping your batter-filled tray/sheet into the oven, make sure to drop it a few times on your kitchen counter. By doing this, you will not just be able to release all of the bubbles that may cause air pockets but also help your food bake more evenly.
  13. Want to make regular baking recipes healthier? Then substitute your butter with avocado. Sure there would be significant changes especially in the flavor, but the health benefits you can expect will be worth it.
  14. Make your powdered sugar by blending cornstarch and white sugar until you get a powdery texture.
  15. Does your flour splatter everywhere whenever you use an electric mixer with your bowl? Then take a paper plate then poke a hole right in the middle of it – enough to fit the attachments – and use it as a shield to prevent your ingredients from flying out of the bowl.

These are just 15 of the countless easy baking hacks that can surely make your life a baker – newbie or pro – more fun. Keep these in mind and you will surely be able to have a more enjoyable and stress-free baking experience.

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