Baking is fun. Whether you do it as a hobby or a career, it’s that kind of activity that will give you tons of benefits once you’ve learned how to do it. But here’s the thing, as impressive as baking is, the greatness of the experience will largely depend on the baking tools that will be used. 

If you’re familiar with bakery items, you probably already have an idea of how many tools are needed to create baked goodies such as cookies, cupcakes, bread, and cakes. And since you have some knowledge of that, you might be wondering how you would be able to create those things at home. Don’t worry because here at BakersLove, we believe that every baker deserves to get the best baking experience, whether they’re at a bakery or just in their own kitchen. 

So, to help you with that, we’ve listed some of the best tools you can purchase for your home-based baking. These things are affordable and extremely useful to have whenever you want to bake something. And the best part is that they are all available in our store, BakersLove. With that being said, let’s start. 


  • Silicone Baking Mat First on the list is a silicone baking mat. What’s great about this non-stick tool is that it can be used for various things, including baking cookies, cupcakes, and cake sheets (for rolled-up cakes). It can also be used for roasted chicken, grilled vegetables, sushi, and so much more. Our Roll N’ Go Non-Stick Baking Rug is an excellent silicone baking mat that you can cop for a very affordable price. 


  • Dough Kneading Bag – Don’t want your hands to get all sticky when kneading dough? Then this is definitely something that you should have. What you’ll love about this baking tool is that aside from kneading dough, it is also perfect for other tasks such as pressing, marinating meat, and storing things. The Silicone Dough Kneading Bag that you’ll find on BakersLove’s store is one of the absolute bests you’ll find anywhere today. It’s made from high-quality material and is reusable. How awesome is that? 


  • Christmas Rolling Pin – Although the yuletide season won’t come in a couple months, having a Christmas-themed baking tool all year long is not a bad idea. Our Christmas Rolling Pin features a well-detailed Christmas-themed design that will surely add more joy to your baked goods. 


  • Cake Cutter – Although it sounds easy, cutting a cake requires a lot of precision and care, so each portion will come out equal and not awkward-looking. That’s why to help you save time, a cake slicer is a must-have. BakersLove’s Cake Slicer is an ergonomically-designed cutter that can help you cut equal portions with ease. 


  • Piping Bags – These frosting holders come in different sizes and materials. They’re pretty much self-explanatory, so you don’t really need an intro on what they’re for and how to use them. Here at BakersLove, we offer Disposable Piping Bags and reusable Silicone Piping Bags. Just pick which one will suit you the best. 


  • Cartoon-Shaped Cookie Cutter Set – This will be extremely useful if you got kids in the house. Whether it be superhero-themed, cartoons, flowers, or even other food, having cookie cutters with children-friendly design can encourage your young ones to eat your baked goods. In fact, it might also get them interested in baking. Our Unicorn Cookie Cutter Set is perfect if you’re looking for a cookie-cutter set that your kid will enjoy.   


  • Spatula, Scraper, and Cake Stand – Your first layer of frosting needs to look polished. So, to achieve that, you need to have these three in hand. A rotatable cake stand can help you turn your cake quickly while applying or evening out the frosting. On the other hand, a spatula can be used to apply icing and even it out. At the same time, a scraper is needed not just to give the exterior layer its final look but also to remove excess icing. The Baking Kit that you’ll find at BakersLove contains these three useful baker tools, so if you want to add them to your home baking tool collection, then you know what to do. 


  • Decorative Frosting Nozzles – Last but definitely not the least are piping nozzles. These bad boys take frosting to the next level by molding them into various shapes and giving them different textures. Frosting nozzles come in different sizes and designs. You can purchase a whole set and experiment on them so you can practice your piping skills and have the best-looking cake – or cupcakes – in town. As for the nozzles that you’ll find at our BakersLove store, we offer Snowflake and Ultimate Frosting Nozzles Set russian piping tips. 

These are just some of the top baking tools that you need to have in your kitchen if you want to be able to bake your heart out while at home. Of course, there are many other fantastic baker tools out there, and you will get them someday. But the tools that we just mentioned are the ones that you can actually get in just a matter of a few clicks. You don’t even need to go outside as we, BakersLove, have got your trendy baking tool needs covered.