Fondant has spent the last couple of years taking over the world of cake decoration, and it really shouldn’t be a surprise why it quickly became popular. What’s great about fondant is that not only is it quite easy to make, but it also has other qualities that make it easy to manage once you’ve gotten the hang of it. Yes, as great as fondant is, it’s not something that you can master in just one go. But to help you with that, I’ve compiled some useful tips and tricks to follow when working with fondant.

These tips will work even though you’re a newbie. Try your best to learn them and you will and you will surely be able to take cake decorating skills to the next level. With that being said, keep on reading.

  1. Clean your workspace, make sure you can clear out as much area as possible as you will be needing enough space for rolling your fondant and storing your cake.
  2. Make sure your fondant is at room temperature. If it’s a little cold, heat it in the microwave for not more than 10 seconds.
  3. Knead your fondant before using it so that it rolls out evenly. It can also reduce the chances of your fondant to break or tear.
  4. Similar to the dough, make sure you dust the surface you will roll your fondant on so it won’t stick.
  5. When transferring the rolled-out fondant from your table, use a rolling pin instead of your fingers so you can’t accidentally tear it apart.
  6. Make sure your cake’s surface is smooth by covering it in ganache or buttercream so that when you cover it with fondant, all the lumps will not show up.
  7. Study the brand of fondant you’re going to use especially if it’s a premade one.
  8. Apply the artificial color on your fondant at least a day or two before using it so that it can set properly and cover the whole thing. This will also give your fondant the chance to regain its original composition.
  9. Since fondant can easily soften due to heat, it would be best to work in a cool environment to make it last longer.
  10. Practice makes perfect. There’s no need to rush it (unless you’re working on an order that s nearing its due date), you can start practicing using fondant on a smaller cake or even just a dummy to be as familiar with the whole thing as possible. This one is helpful especially if you’re serious about upping your fondant-related skills.

Using fondant can be quite tricky especially for beginners. But with these 10 tips that we’ve just shared, you will be able to step up your cake decorating game.