Ultimate Frosting Nozzles Set (50 pieces)
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BakersLove™ - Ultimate Frosting Nozzles Set (50 pieces)

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Stop Struggling To Perfect Your Frosting Skills, Start Mastering Designs! 

The Ultimate Frosting Nozzles Set is designed for professional and novice bakers alike. Featuring everything you need to get started, this set includes

⭐️ 45 Stainless Steel Piping Tips

⭐️ 1 Reusable Silicone Piping Bag

⭐️ 3 Couplers (incl. Three-Color-Coupler)

⭐️ 1 Pipe Cleaner 

⭐️ *PLUS* For a limited time: enjoy a FREE eBook with purchase!

*The eBook includes 30 must-have, oh-so-tasty recipes. 10 of these recipes are for frosting, 1 of which is for buttercream (the exact thing you need to make perfect flowers). Grab it while you can, this is an offer worth a lifetime! 

Perfect For Cakes, Cupcakes, And more!

There is nothing worse than the feeling of painstakingly baking a pastry, carefully preparing the frosting, and then, spending hours trying over and over again to get the perfect flower or shape. No one wants to show off a sloping frosting! 

Luckily for you, this set’s nozzles and accessories make piping a breeze. It’s so easy even your kids can join in the fun!

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