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BakersLove™ - Extra Large Icing Piping Nozzle

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Product Description

A professional line of extra-large piping nozzles to use without the coupler makes it an obvious choice for many bakers to make the perfect icing on the very delicate cake preparation. The extra-large Piping Nozzles are specially designed pastry tips for icing pastries and desserts. These are uniquely designed tips to create a round icing ring with a hollow center for the perfect passage of air which the icing forced to create an eye-catching layer over the cake. The inner tip, in turn, reciprocates by creating a hollow center in between the shelled border, something very perfect for meringues, buttercream, and cupcakes.

Ideal Large Piping Nozzles: Premier quality tool designed for ease of use and suitably creates the perfectly large icing as required and desired by the baker. The quality product is equipped with bearings to ensure smooth movement across thereby creating a comfortable passage for the icing like froth and making something beautiful out of the preparation. It has Mould type Tools employed into the same. Being an eco-friendly composition, it creates comfortable suitability for use and is even recommended by established bakeries.

Features: It is pretty safe owing to its durability and redefined design. It is in-stock and would be pretty good to have one just for you, before it’s compelling attributes fancies others as well. It employs Eco-Friendly solutions and is made of sleek and sturdy stainless steel. The luster and Gemini in design is largely due to the cutting edge definition of polished metal as an alloy, stainless steel.

Credentials: The Icing tool has successfully passed safety tests and is built with expert design put into use. It also bags FDA/EEC/CIQ/CE/EU/SGS Certification. It is quite accustomed to household usage and doesn't contain any vulnerable or dangerous parts.

100% satisfaction guarantee: We strive hard so our products can meet and exceed your expectations every time with our compelling quality and comprehensive appeal. We believe in a long term business relationship in this regard and would be quite happy to serve you with an enhanced belief and gratitude. Even though we try to capitulate on our view-points every now and then, we would be very happy to know about further escalations that can smoothen your experience and help us dive in better.

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